Dijit is proud to release a pure Angular JS client for Nuxeo platform.
Designed by developers for developers
This is how Nuxeo is presented on the website product information page.
Nuxeo is a document asset management platform, the technical team there says it is highly customizable and extensible content management platform for building business applications.

Companies can store their documents (pictures, pdf, office docs, audio, video) on it and retrieve document properties, thumbnails, custom information on any third party application through a powerfull REST API.

That’s 6 months now that i’m using this product and it meets my need sso far. But one disappointment was about Nuxeo’s Javascript Client, a pure vanilla JS library to do basic operation on ducument, without advanced helpers for searching, use custom types, and show documents in UI…

After some days of work, i finally wrote an angularJS pluggin for Nuxeo to do what i needed to do:

  • Search document with fluent Javascript methods rather than writing complex NXQL (this is the pseudo SQL document requesting language of nuxeo)
  • Have a set of angularJS directives for showing documents in UI considering their types (‘Picture’, ‘Audio’, ‘Video’,…)
  • Add the ability to extend basic nuxeo types with custom types and directives

This is how it looks:

The angular-nuxeo <nuxeo-documents> directive result

If you want to give it a try, it is MIT Licenced.